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[moo r-ing] /ˈmʊər ɪŋ/

the act of a person or thing that .
Usually, moorings. the means by which a ship, boat, or aircraft is .
moorings, a place where a ship, boat, or aircraft may be .
Usually, moorings. one’s stability or security:
After the death of his wife he lost his moorings.
/ˈmʊərɪŋz; ˈmɔː-/
plural noun
(nautical) the ropes, anchors, etc, used in mooring a vessel
(sometimes sing) something that provides security or stability
/ˈmʊərɪŋ; ˈmɔː-/
a place for mooring a vessel
a permanent anchor, dropped in the water and equipped with a floating buoy, to which vessels can moor

1744, “ropes, etc., by which a floating thing is made fast,” from mooring. Figurative sense is from 1851.

“place where a vessel can be moored,” early 15c., “process of making a ship secure,” verbal noun from moor (v.).


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