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Moral support

Emotional or psychological backing, as opposed to material help. For example, There’s not much I can do at the doctor’s office, but I’ll come with you to give you moral support. [ Late 1800s ]


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  • Moral-theology

    noun 1. the branch of theology dealing with principles of moral conduct. noun 1. the branch of theology dealing with ethics

  • Moral-turpitude

    noun 1. conduct that is regarded as immoral. 2. an instance of such conduct. noun evil character, lack of integrity

  • Morandi

    [maw-rahn-dee] /mɔˈrɑn di/ noun 1. Giorgio [jawr-jaw] /ˈdʒɔr dʒɔ/ (Show IPA), 1890–1964, Italian painter.

  • Morar

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