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a person who teaches or inculcates .
a philosopher concerned with the principles of .
a person who practices .
a person concerned with regulating the of others, as by imposing censorship.
Contemporary Examples

The grandson of a Scottish Presbyterian minister, Murdoch fancies himself something of a moralist.
Murdoch’s Italian Offensive Conrad Black June 9, 2009

Just as in their politics, when it comes to process, Romney versus Santorum is a fight between the technocrat and the moralist.
The Technocrat and the Moralist Square Off Election Oracle March 11, 2012

On Monday, Crist tried to play the moralist, saying, “When people lie and steal, there is a price to pay.”
Sleaze and Scandal in the Sunshine State GOP John Avlon February 11, 2013

Those who live by junk journalism, the moralist in me proclaims, shall die by junk journalism.
How British Tabloids Lost Their Way Howard Jacobson July 21, 2011

Historical Examples

They touched, however, problems which are common to the lawyer and to the moralist.
Social Rights And Duties Leslie Stephen

Much may be truly said by the moralist on the comparative harm of open and concealed vice.
Laws Plato

A moralist he must be, if his work is to have any far-reaching significance, any final value.
Inquiries and Opinions Brander Matthews

Since when have you taken up the trade of moralist, Master Morlache?
The Daltons, Volume II (of II) Charles James Lever

The moralist who bans passion is not of our time; his place these many years is with the dead.
Little Essays of Love and Virtue Havelock Ellis

I am not satisfied when some moralist says, “Be good and you will be happy.”
The Untroubled Mind Herbert J. Hall

a person who seeks to regulate the morals of others or to imbue others with a sense of morality
a person who lives in accordance with moral principles
a philosopher who is concerned with casuistic discussions of right action, or who seeks a general characterization of right action, often contrasted with a moral philosopher whose concern is with general philosophical questions about ethics

“moral person,” 1620s; “teacher of morals,” 1630s, from moral (adj.) + -ist.


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