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[mawr-uh-lahyz, mor-] /ˈmɔr əˌlaɪz, ˈmɒr-/

verb (used without object), moralized, moralizing.
to reflect on or express opinions about something in terms of right and wrong, especially in a self-righteous or tiresome way.
verb (used with object), moralized, moralizing.
to explain in a , or draw a from.
to improve the of.
(intransitive) to make moral pronouncements
(transitive) to interpret or explain in a moral sense
(transitive) to improve the morals of

c.1400, “expound or interpret spiritual or moral significance,” from Old French moraliser and directly from Late Latin moralizare, from moralis (see moral (adj.)). Related: Moralized; moralizing.


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