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[liv-uh-ree] /ˈlɪv ə ri/

noun (pl) -eries
the identifying uniform, badge, etc, of a member of a guild or one of the servants of a feudal lord
a uniform worn by some menservants and chauffeurs
an individual or group that wears such a uniform
distinctive dress or outward appearance

at livery, being kept in a livery stable
(legal history) an ancient method of conveying freehold land
of or resembling liver
another word for liverish

c.1300, “household allowance of any kind (food, provisions, clothing) to retainers or servants,” from Anglo-French livere (late 13c.), Old French livrée, “allowance, ration, pay,” originally “(clothes) delivered by a master to his retinue,” from fem. past participle of livrer “to dispense, deliver, hand over,” from Latin liberare (see liberate). The sense later was reduced to “servants’ rations” and “provender for horses” (mid-15c.). The former led to the meaning “distinctive clothing given to servants” (early 14c.); the latter now is obsolete except in livery stable (1705). Related: Liveried.


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