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[moh] /moʊ/

a pithy or witty remark; .
Archaic. a note on a horn, bugle, etc.
short for bon mot
(Dublin, slang) a girl or young woman, esp one’s girlfriend
(in New Zealand and formerly in Britain) Ministry of Transport (in Britain now part of the DTLR) See DTLR
(in Britain) MOT test: a compulsory annual test for all road vehicles over a certain age, which require a valid MOT certificate

“a witty saying,” 1580s, from French mot (12c.) “remark, short speech,” literally “word,” cognate of Italian motto, from Latin mutum “grunt, murmur” (see mutter). Mot juste (1912) is French, literally “exact word,” the precisely appropriate expression in some situation.

The mot juste is an expression which readers would like to buy of writers who use it, as one buys one’s neighbour’s bantam cock for the sake of hearing its voice no more. [Fowler]


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