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  • Mother-out-law

    noun 1. (informal) the mother of one’s ex-husband or ex-wife

  • Mother-ship

    noun 1. a vessel or craft that services others operating far from a home port or center. noun 1. a ship providing facilities and supplies for a number of small vessels noun a larger spacecraft or watercraft which carries, controls, or launches smaller craft

  • Mother shipton

    /ˈʃɪptən/ noun 1. a day-flying noctuid moth, Callistege mi, mottled brown in colour and named from a fancied resemblance between its darker marking and a haggish profile

  • Mother-spleenwort

    noun 1. a fern, Asplenium bulbiferum, of tropical Africa and Australasia, the fronds often bearing bulbils that sprout into new plants while still attached, grown as an ornamental.

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