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[moht-n] /ˈmoʊt n/

noun, Armor.


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  • Motoneuron

    [moh-tuh-noo r-on, -nyoo r-] /ˌmoʊ təˈnʊər ɒn, -ˈnyʊər-/ noun, Cell Biology, Physiology. 1. motor neuron. /ˌməʊtəʊˈnjʊərɒn/ noun 1. (anatomy) an efferent nerve cell; motor neuron motoneuron mo·to·neu·ron (mō’tə-nur’ŏn’, -nyur’-) n. A motor neuron.

  • Moto perpetuo

    /ˈməʊtəʊ pəˈpɛtjʊəʊ/ noun 1. (music) a fast instrumental passage made up of notes of equal length

  • Motor

    [moh-ter] /ˈmoʊ tər/ noun 1. a comparatively small and powerful engine, especially an internal-combustion engine in an automobile, , or the like. 2. any self-powered vehicle. 3. a person or thing that imparts motion, especially a contrivance, as a steam engine, that receives and modifies energy from some natural source in order to utilize it […]

  • Motorable

    /ˈməʊtərəbəl/ adjective 1. (of a road) suitable for use by motor vehicles

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