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noun, British.
a motor truck, especially one enclosed to protect the cargo.


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  • Motor-vehicle

    noun 1. an automobile, truck, bus, or similar motor-driven conveyance. noun 1. a road vehicle driven by a motor or engine, esp an internal-combustion engine

  • Motor-voter-law

    noun 1. a law that enables prospective voters to register when they obtain or renew a driver’s license.

  • Motorway

    [moh-ter-wey] /ˈmoʊ tərˌweɪ/ noun, British. 1. an expressway. /ˈməʊtəˌweɪ/ noun 1. (Brit) a main road for fast-moving traffic, having limited access, separate carriageways for vehicles travelling in opposite directions, and usually a total of four or six lanes US names superhighway, (also Canadian) expressway n. 1903, from motor- + way.

  • Motos

    [moh-toh] /ˈmoʊ toʊ/ noun, plural motos. 1. one of the heats in a . member of the opposite sex

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