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Mount naphtali

the mountainous district of Naphtali (Josh. 20:7).


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  • Mount-nebo

    [nee-boh] /ˈni boʊ/ noun 1. Mt. See under . [piz-guh] /ˈpɪz gə/ noun 1. Mount, a mountain ridge of ancient Moab, now in Jordan, NE of the Dead Sea: from its summit (Mt. Nebo) Moses viewed the Promised Land. Deut. 34:1. /ˈniːbəʊ/ noun 1. Mount Nebo, a mountain in Jordan, northeast of the Dead Sea: […]

  • Mount of beatitudes

    See SERMON.

  • Mount of corruption

    (2 Kings 23:13; Vulg., “mount of offence”), the name given to a part of the Mount of Olives, so called because idol temples were there erected in the time of Solomon, temples to the Zidonian Ashtoreth and to the “abominations” of Moab and Ammon.

  • Mount of olves

    so called from the olive trees with which its sides are clothed, is a mountain ridge on the east of Jerusalem (1 Kings 11:7; Ezek. 11:23; Zech. 14:4), from which it is separated by the valley of Kidron. It is first mentioned in connection with David’s flight from Jerusalem through the rebellion of Absalom (2 […]

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