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[mawr-ner, mohr-] /ˈmɔr nər, ˈmoʊr-/

a person who .
a person who attends a funeral to for the deceased.
(at religious revival meetings) a person who professes penitence for sin, with desire for salvation.
a person who mourns, esp at a funeral
(at US revivalist meetings) a person who repents publicly

late 14c., agent noun from mourn (v.).


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    [mawrn-fuh l, mohrn-] /ˈmɔrn fəl, ˈmoʊrn-/ adjective 1. feeling or expressing sorrow or grief; sorrowful; sad. 2. of or relating to for the dead. 3. causing grief or lament: a mournful occasion. 4. gloomy, somber, or dreary, as in appearance or character: mournful shadows. /ˈmɔːnfʊl/ adjective 1. evoking grief; sorrowful 2. gloomy; sad adj. early […]

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    [mawr-ning, mohr-] /ˈmɔr nɪŋ, ˈmoʊr-/ noun 1. the act of a person who ; sorrowing or lamentation. 2. the conventional manifestation of sorrow for a person’s death, especially by the wearing of black clothes or a black armband, the hanging of flags at half-mast, etc. 3. the outward symbols of such sorrow, as black garments. […]

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    noun 1. a piece of black cloth that is worn, especially as a band encircling the upper arm, to indicate mourning. noun 1. a piece of black material, esp an armband, worn to indicate that the wearer is in mourning

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    noun 1. a three-part tragedy (1931) by Eugene O’Neill, including Homecoming, The Hunted, and The Haunted.

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