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[mous-duhn] /ˈmaʊsˌdʌn/

a dark brownish-gray color.


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  • Mouse-ear

    [mous-eer] /ˈmaʊsˌɪər/ noun 1. any of various plants having small, hairy leaves, as the hawkweed, Hieracium pilosella, or the forget-me-not, Myosotis palustris. noun 1. short for mouse-ear chickweed See chickweed (sense 2)

  • Mouse-ear chickweed

    noun 1. any of several weedy plants belonging to the genus Cerastium, of the pink family, as C. vulgatum, having small, hairy leaves and tiny, white flowers.

  • Mouse elbow

    jargon, medical A tennis-elbow-like fatigue syndrome resulting from excessive use of a WIMP. Similarly, “mouse shoulder”. GLS reports that he used to get this a lot before he taught himself to be ambimoustrous. [Jargon File] (1994-12-05)

  • Mousehole

    [mous-hohl] /ˈmaʊsˌhoʊl/ noun 1. the burrow of a . 2. the entrance to a burrow. 3. a small resembling this.

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