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a piece of material on which a computer mouse is moved


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  • Mouse-opossum

    noun 1. . noun 1. any of several grayish, brownish, or russet opossums of the genus Marmosa, inhabiting forests of Central and South America, often having a black, masklike marking on the face.

  • Mouseover

    /ˈmaʊsˌəʊvə/ noun 1. (computing) (on the page of a website) an item, esp a graphic, that changes or pops up when the pointer of a mouse moves over it

  • Mouse-pad

    Computers. 1. a small, typically foam rubber sheet used to provide a stable surface on which a mouse can be moved.

  • Mouse potato

    noun any person who spends an inordinate amount of leisure time at a computer noun phrase : Mouse potato, the digital age’s version of the couch potato: a person who is habitually on-line or otherwise occupied at the computer (1990s+)

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