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a trap for mice, especially one consisting of a rectangular wooden base on which a metal spring is mounted.
a device, machine, or the like whose structure or function suggests a trap for mice.
a device, system, or stratagem for detecting and catching someone in an unauthorized or illegal act.
Football. trap1 (def 11).

to trap or snare:
traffic cops mousetrapping drunken drivers.
to manipulate by devious or clever means; trick or outwit:
to mousetrap the witness into a contradiction.

Football. trap1 (def 20).
build a better mousetrap, to make or offer a superior product.
Contemporary Examples

Capital Gains: Answering Krugman and Bernstein David Frum January 22, 2012
Blow Dry Bars Are a Thriving Industry Disrupting the Salon Business Kelsey Meany July 12, 2013

Historical Examples

Captain Blood Rafael Sabatini
Highways in Hiding George Oliver Smith
McTeague Frank Norris
Puss Junior and Robinson Crusoe David Cory
A Book of the Play Dutton Cook
Dramatic Technique George Pierce Baker
The Boy Mechanic, Book 2 Various
Scenes from a Courtesan’s Life Honore de Balzac

any trap for catching mice, esp one with a spring-loaded metal bar that is released by the taking of the bait
(Brit, informal) cheese of indifferent quality


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