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[mouth-waw-ter-ing, -wot-er-] /ˈmaʊθˌwɔ tər ɪŋ, -ˌwɒt ər-/

very appetizing in appearance, aroma, or description:
a mouth-watering dessert.

1822, from mouth (n.) + water (v.).


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  • Mouth-wateringly

    adverb appetizingly; arousing the appetite; causing saliva to flow Examples Those appetizers look mouth-wateringly good.

  • Mouton

    [moo-ton] /ˈmu tɒn/ noun 1. sheepskin that has been processed to resemble another fur, especially seal or beaver. /ˈmuːtɒn/ noun 1. sheepskin processed to resemble the fur of another animal, esp beaver or seal

  • Mouthy

    [mou-th ee, -thee] /ˈmaʊ ði, -θi/ adjective, mouthier, mouthiest. 1. garrulous, often in a bombastic manner. /ˈmaʊðɪ/ adjective mouthier, mouthiest 1. bombastic; excessively talkative adj. 1580s, from mouth (n.) + -y (2).

  • Moutonnee

    [moot-n-ey] /ˌmut nˈeɪ/ adjective, Geology. 1. noting or pertaining to a rock formation having a rounded outline like the back of a sheep, resulting from glacial action. Compare .

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