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mobile telephone switching office


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    [myoo-kuh-proh-teen, -tee-in] /ˌmyu kəˈproʊ tin, -ti ɪn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a that yields carbohydrates as well as amino acids on hydrolysis. /ˌmjuːkəʊˈprəʊtiːn/ noun 1. any of a group of conjugated proteins containing small quantities of mucopolysaccharides; glycoprotein mucoprotein mu·co·pro·tein (myōō’kō-prō’tēn’, -prō’tē-ĭn) n. Any of a group of organic compounds, such as the mucins, that consist […]

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    1. multichannel television sound: a system adopted in the U.S. for broadcasting two or more stereo or unrelated audio channels over a single television station. 1. mountains. 1. Message Transport System. 2. Microsoft Transaction Server. (1999-03-29) Musculoskeletal Tumor Society mountains

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    [myoo-koh-suh, -zuh] /myuˈkoʊ sə, -zə/ noun, plural mucosae [myoo-koh-see, -zee] /myuˈkoʊ si, -zi/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. . /mjuːˈkəʊsə/ noun (pl) -sae (-siː) 1. another word for mucous membrane mucosa mu·co·sa (myōō-kō’sə) n. pl. mu·co·sas or mu·co·sae (-sē) See mucous membrane. mu·co’sal adj.

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    adj. 1731, from Latin mucosus (see mucous).

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