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[myoo-sid] /ˈmyu sɪd/

adjective, Archaic.
moldy; musty.
(rare) mouldy, musty, or slimy


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  • Muciferous

    [myoo-sif-er-uh s] /myuˈsɪf ər əs/ adjective 1. secreting or containing mucus. muciferous mu·cif·er·ous (myōō-sĭf’ər-əs) adj. Muciparous.

  • Muciform

    muciform mu·ci·form (myōō’sə-fôrm’) adj. Resembling mucus.

  • Mucigel

    mucigel (my’sĭ-jěl’) The slimy, viscous substance secreted by the roots of plants, consisting of a hydrated polysaccharide. Mucigel lubricates the tips of roots as they push their way through the soil during growth. Soil particles adhere to the mucigel layer around the root, improving the uptake of moisture and nutrients. The mucigel also encourages the […]

  • Mucigen

    /ˈmjuːsɪdʒən/ noun 1. a substance present in mucous cells that is converted into mucin

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