[myoo-koid] /ˈmyu kɔɪd/

Biochemistry. any of a group of substances resembling the , occurring in connective tissue, cysts, etc.
Also, mucoidal
[myoo-koid-l] /myuˈkɔɪd l/ (Show IPA). resembling mucus.
of the nature of or resembling mucin

mucoid mu·coid (myōō’koid’)
Any of various glycoproteins similar to the mucins, especially a mucoprotein. adj.
Of, containing, or resembling mucus.

Read Also:

  • Mucoid degeneration

    mucoid degeneration n. The degeneration of connective tissue into a gelatinous or mucoid substance.

  • Mucolipidosis

    mucolipidosis mu·co·lip·i·do·sis (myōō’kō-lĭp’ĭ-dō’sĭs) n. Any of a group of hereditary metabolic storage diseases resembling Hurler’s syndrome but with normal urinary mucopolysaccharides.

  • Mucolipidosis i

    mucolipidosis I n. Mucolipidosis having symptoms resembling those of Hurler’s syndrome but milder, and with moderate mental retardation. Also called lipomucopolysaccharidosis.

  • Mucolipidosis ii

    mucolipidosis II n. Mucolipidosis characterized by symptoms resembling those of Hurler’s syndrome but more severe, with normal levels of urinary mucopolysaccharides and the presence of inclusion bodies in cultured fibroblasts. Also called inclusion cell disease.

  • Mucolipidosis iii

    mucolipidosis III n. Mucolipidosis characterized by symptoms resembling those of Hurler’s syndrome, but milder, with restricted joint mobility, short stature, mild mental retardation, and dysplastic skeletal changes.

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