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a lubricating membrane lining an internal surface or an organ, as the alimentary, respiratory, and genitourinary canals.
a mucus-secreting membrane that lines body cavities or passages that are open to the external environment Also called mucosa

mucous membrane n.
A membrane lining all body passages that communicate with the exterior, such as the respiratory, genitourinary, and alimentary tracts, and having cells and associated glands that secrete mucus. Also called mucosa.
mucous membrane
Any of the membranes lining the passages of the body, such as the respiratory and digestive tracts, that open to the outside. Cells in the mucous membranes secrete mucus, which lubricates the membranes and protects against infection.
mucous membrane [(myooh-kuhs)]

The membrane that lines passageways and cavities in the body that lead to the outside, such as the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, nose, vagina, and urethra. These membranes are equipped with glands that secrete mucus.


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