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Muffin man

(Brit) (formerly) an itinerant seller of muffins


Read Also:

  • Muffin-stand

    noun 1. a small stand having several tiers for holding muffins, cakes, etc., and a tea service.

  • Muffins

    [muhf-in] /ˈmʌf ɪn/ noun 1. an individual cup-shaped quick bread made with wheat flour, cornmeal, or the like, and baked in a pan (muffin pan) containing a series of cuplike forms. 2. . /ˈmʌfɪn/ noun 1. (Brit) a thick round baked yeast roll, usually toasted and served with butter 2. (US & Canadian) a small […]

  • Muffin-top

    noun 1. a crisp, flat muffin that resembles the top portion of a typical muffin. 2. Informal. a roll of excess fat that hangs out over a person’s waist when wearing a garment with a tight waistband. noun 1. (informal) a roll of flesh spilling over the top of a tight skirt or trousers, esp […]

  • Muffle

    [muhf-uh l] /ˈmʌf əl/ verb (used with object), muffled, muffling. 1. to wrap with something to deaden or prevent sound: to muffle drums. 2. to deaden (sound) by wrappings or other means. 3. to wrap or envelop in a cloak, shawl, coat, etc., especially to keep warm or protect the face and neck (often followed […]

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