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[moo-jah-he-deen] /muˌdʒɑ hɛˈdin/

plural noun, (sometimes initial capital letter)
Muslim guerrilla fighters, especially in Afghanistan and Iran.


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  • Mujahidin

    n. also mujahideen, 1958, in a Pakistani context, from Persian and Arabic, plural of mujahid “one who fights in a jihad” (q.v.); in modern use, “Muslim guerilla insurgent.”

  • Mujik

    [moo-zhik, moo-zhik] /muˈʒɪk, ˈmu ʒɪk/ noun 1. . [moo-zhik, moo-zhik] /muˈʒɪk, ˈmu ʒɪk/ noun 1. a Russian peasant. /ˈmuːʒɪk/ noun 1. a variant spelling of muzhik /ˈmuːʒɪk/ noun 1. a Russian peasant, esp under the tsars

  • Mujtahid

    [mooj-tah-hid] /mudʒˈtɑ hɪd/ noun, Islam. 1. a person who has been certified as capable of interpreting religious law.

  • Mukalla

    [moo-kal-uh] /muˈkæl ə/ noun 1. a seaport in SE Yemen, on the Gulf of Aden.

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