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a line of pack mules or a line of wagons drawn by mules.


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  • Muleteer

    [myoo-luh-teer] /ˌmyu ləˈtɪər/ noun 1. a driver of . /ˌmjuːlɪˈtɪə/ noun 1. a person who drives mules n. “mule driver,” 1530s, from Middle French muletier, from mulet “mule,” a diminutive formation replacing Old French mul as the word for “mule” in French (see mule (n.1)).

  • Muley

    [myoo-lee, moo l-ee] /ˈmyu li, ˈmʊl i/ adjective 1. (of cattle or deer) hornless; polled. noun, plural muleys. 2. any cow. /ˈmjuːlɪ/ adjective 1. (of cattle) having no horns noun 2. any hornless cow

  • Muff-diver

    noun A person who does cunnilingus; clit-licker (1935+)

  • Muff-dive

    verb To do cunnilingus •Sometimes used as a plain insult: You muff-diving, mother-fucking son of a bitch (1935+)

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