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muliebria mu·li·e·bri·a (myōō’lē-ē’brē-ə, -ěb’rē-ə)
The female genital organs.


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  • Muliebrity

    [myoo-lee-eb-ri-tee] /ˌmyu liˈɛb rɪ ti/ noun 1. womanly nature or qualities. 2. . /ˌmjuːlɪˈɛbrɪtɪ/ noun 1. the condition of being a woman 2. femininity

  • Mulier

    [myoo-lee-er] /ˈmyu li ər/ noun, Old English Law. 1. a woman or wife. [myoo-lee-er] /ˈmyu li ər/ noun, Old English Law. 1. a legitimate child.

  • Mulierty

    [myoo-lee-er-tee] /ˈmyu li ər ti/ noun, Old English Law. 1. the state of being of legitimate birth.

  • Mulishness

    [myoo-lish] /ˈmyu lɪʃ/ adjective 1. of or like a , as being very stubborn, obstinate, or intractable. /ˈmjuːlɪʃ/ adjective 1. stubborn; obstinate; headstrong adj. 1751, from mule (n.1) + -ish. Related: Mulishly; mulishness.

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