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[myoo-leer-ee-uh n, muh-, mi-] /myuˈlɪər i ən, mʌ-, mɪ-/

noun, Ecology.
the resemblance in appearance of two or more unpalatable species, which are avoided by predators to a greater degree than any one of the species would be otherwise.
(zoology) mimicry in which two or more harmful or inedible species resemble each other, so that predators tend to avoid them
Müllerian mimicry
(my-lîr’ē-ən, mə-)
A form of protective mimicry in which two or more poisonous or unpalatable species closely resemble each other and are therefore avoided equally by all their natural predators. The similarity in coloration between the monarch and viceroy butterflies, once considered an example of Batesian mimicry, is now generally considered as Müllerian mimicry because the viceroy is thought to be as bad-tasting to birds as the monarch. Müllerian mimicry is named after the German-born Brazilian zoologist Fritz Müller (1821-97). Compare aggressive mimicry, Batesian mimicry.


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