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[muhl-is] /ˈmʌl ɪs/

Kary Banks [kair-ee,, kar-ee] /ˈkɛər i,, ˈkær i/ (Show IPA), born 1944, U.S. biochemist: Nobel prize 1993.


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    [muhl-uh k] /ˈmʌl ək/ noun 1. (in Australasia) refuse or rubbish, as rock or earth, from a mine; muck. Idioms 2. poke mullock at, Australian. to ridicule. /ˈmʌlək/ noun 1. (Austral) waste material from a mine 2. (dialect) a mess or muddle 3. (Austral, informal) poke mullock at, to ridicule

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