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[kuhs-pid] /ˈkʌs pɪd/

(in humans) a tooth with a single projection point or elevation; canine.
a tooth having one point; canine tooth

1743, from Latin cuspis (genitive cuspidus) “point, pointed end” (see cusp). Of teeth, from 1878. Related: Cuspidate (adj.), attested from 1690s.

multicuspid mul·ti·cus·pid (mŭl’tē-kŭs’pĭd, mŭl’tī-)
A molar tooth with three or more cusps or projections on the crown.
mul’ti·cus’pi·date’ (-pĭ-dāt’) adj.

cuspid cus·pid (kŭs’pĭd)
See canine tooth. adj.
Having one cusp; cuspidate.


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