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noun, Mathematics (chiefly British) .
noun, Mathematics.
the axiom of set theory that given any collection of disjoint sets, a set can be so constructed that it contains one element from each of the given sets.


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  • Multiplicative division

    multiplicative division mul·ti·pli·ca·tive division (mŭl’tə-plĭk’ə-tĭv, mŭl’tə-plĭ-kā’tĭv) n. Reproduction by simultaneous division of a mother cell into daughter cells.

  • Multiplicative-identity

    noun, Mathematics. 1. an identity that when used to multiply a given element in a specified set leaves that element unchanged, as the number 1 for the real-number system.

  • Multiplicative-group

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a group in which the operation of the group is multiplication.

  • Multiplicative-inverse

    noun, Mathematics. 1. (def 9).

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