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[muhl-ti-si-lab-ik] /ˌmʌl tɪ sɪˈlæb ɪk/



Read Also:

  • Multisyllable

    [muhl-ti-sil-uh-buh l] /ˈmʌl tɪˌsɪl ə bəl/ noun 1. .

  • Multisynaptic

    multisynaptic mul·ti·syn·ap·tic (mŭl’tē-sĭ-nāp’tĭk, mŭl’tī-) adj. Having or relating to two or more synapses.

  • Multisystem extention interface bus

    hardware (MXIbus) A high performance communication link that interconnects devices using round, flexible cable. MXIbus is used between a GPIB card and a VXI cage. (1999-10-12)

  • Multitalented

    [tal-uh n-tid] /ˈtæl ən tɪd/ adjective 1. having or special ability; gifted.

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