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[muhnch] /mʌntʃ/

verb (used with object)
to chew with steady or vigorous working of the jaws, often audibly.
verb (used without object)
to chew steadily or vigorously, often audibly.
Informal. a snack.
Verb phrases
munch out, Slang. to snack especially extensively or frequently.
to chew (food) steadily, esp with a crunching noise
Edvard (ˈɛdvard). 1863–1944, Norwegian painter and engraver, whose works, often on the theme of death, include The Scream (1893); a major influence on the expressionists, esp on die Brücke

late 14c., mocchen, imitative (cf. crunch), or perhaps from Old French mangier “to eat, bite,” from Latin manducare “to chew.” Related: Munched; munching.

Exploration of security holes of someone else’s computer for thrills, notoriety or to annoy the system manager. Compare cracker. See also hacked off.
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