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[ahn-noh moo n-dee; English an-oh muhn-dahy, -dee] /ˈɑn noʊ ˈmʊn di; English ˈæn oʊ ˈmʌn daɪ, -di/

in the year of the world.
[seek trahn-sit gloh-ri-ah moo n-dee; English sik tran-sit glawr-ee-uh muhn-dahy, -dee, glohr-, -zit] /sik ˈtrɑn sɪt ˈgloʊ rɪˌɑ ˈmʊn di; English sɪk ˈtræn sɪt ˈglɔr i ə ˈmʌn daɪ, -di, ˈgloʊr-, -zɪt/
thus passes away the glory of this world.
/ˈsɪk ˈtrænsɪt ˈɡlɔːrɪˌɑː ˈmʊndiː/
thus passes the glory of the world

c.1600, Latin, literally “thus passes the glory of the world;” perhaps an alteration of a passage in Thomas Á Kempis’ “Imitatio Christi” (1471).
Sic transit gloria mundi [(sik tran-sit glawr-ee-uh moon-dee)]

Latin for “Thus passes away the glory of the world”; worldly things do not last.
Nothing on earth is permanent, as in His first three novels were bestsellers and now he can’t even find an agent—sic transit gloria mundi. This expression, Latin for “Thus passes the glory of the world,” has been used in English since about 1600, and is familiar enough so that it is sometimes abbreviated to sic transit.


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