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[muhng] /mʌŋ/ Slang.

something disgusting or offensive, especially filth or muck.
verb (used with object)
to make dirty (often followed by up).
to spoil, ruin, or destroy (often followed by up).

[muhnj] /mʌndʒ/
verb (used with or without object), munged, munging. Computer Slang.
to manipulate (raw data), especially to convert (data) from one format to another:
the munging of HTML content.
verb (transitive)
(computing, slang) to process (computer data)


Anything nasty; filth; glop: Jones noticed the mung on Lydon’s never-brushed teeth/ Fold the table down, and generations of crud and mung appear (1960s+ Students)


[origin unknown]


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  • Mungo

    [muhng-goh] /ˈmʌŋ goʊ/ noun, plural mungos. 1. a low-grade wool from felted rags or waste. /ˈmʌŋɡəʊ/ noun (pl) -gos, -goes 1. a cheap felted fabric made from waste wool

  • Mung up

    verb phrase To make filthy: I munged up my shoes walking across the field (1970s+ Teenagers)

  • Mungy

    noun messy, gloppy, often gooey or oily Word Origin 1989; fr mung ‘a mixture, mess’ Usage Note informal adjective Messy, gloppy, often gooey or oily: mungy leftovers

  • Munhall

    [muhn-hawl] /ˈmʌnˌhɔl/ noun 1. a city in W Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.

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