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[muhn-see] /ˈmʌn si/

Frank Andrew, 1854–1925, U.S. publisher.


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  • Munshi

    [moon-shee] /ˈmun ʃi/ noun, Indian English. 1. a native interpreter or language instructor. 2. a native secretary or assistant.

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    [moo n-ster-burg; German myn-stuh r-berk] /ˈmʊn stərˌbɜrg; German ˈmün stərˌbɛrk/ noun 1. Hugo [hyoo-goh;; German hoo-goh] /ˈhyu goʊ;; German ˈhu goʊ/ (Show IPA), 1863–1916, German psychologist and philosopher in the U.S. /ˈmʊnstəˌbɜːɡ/ noun 1. Hugo. 1863–1916, German psychologist, in the US from 1897, noted for his pioneering work in applied psychology

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