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Muonic atom

(physics) an atom in which an orbiting electron has been replaced by a muon


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  • Muonium

    [myoo-oh-nee-uh m] /myuˈoʊ ni əm/ noun, Physics. 1. an electron and a positively charged muon bound together by electrical attraction in the same manner as the electron and proton in a hydrogen atom.

  • Muon-neutrino

    [myoo-on-noo-tree-noh, -nyoo-] /ˈmyu ɒn nuˌtri noʊ, -nyu-/ noun, plural muon-neutrinos. Physics. 1. a type of neutrino that obeys a conservation law together with the muon, with the total number of muons and muon-neutrinos minus the total number of their antiparticles remaining constant.

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    1. Master of Urban Planning.

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