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[mur-duh-ree] /ˌmɜr dəˈri/

a murderer’s victim or intended victim.


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  • Murderer

    [mur-der-er] /ˈmɜr dər ər/ noun 1. a person who commits . Idioms 2. murderers’ row, n. mid-14c., alteration of murtherer (c.1300), agent noun from murder (v.); in part from Old French mordrere, from Medieval Latin murdrarius, from Germanic. Old English words for this included morðorcwalu, morðorslaga, morðorwyrhta, literally “murder-wright.” The original murderer’s row was in […]

  • Murder-in-the-cathedral

    noun 1. a verse drama (1935) by T. S. Eliot.

  • Murderess

    [mur-der-is] /ˈmɜr dər ɪs/ noun 1. a woman who commits murder.

  • Murder-one

    noun 1. first-degree murder. See under (def 1). noun phrase The criminal offense of murder in the first degree: when he did get to trial, and they were going to go for murder one (1971+)

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