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[myoo r-eks] /ˈmyʊər ɛks/

noun, plural murices
[myoo r-uh-seez] /ˈmyʊər əˌsiz/ (Show IPA), murexes.
any marine gastropod of the genus Murex, common in tropical seas, certain species of which yield the royal purple dye valued by the ancients.
a shell used as a trumpet, as in representations of Tritons in art.
purplish red.
noun (pl) murices (ˈmjʊərɪˌsiːz)
any of various spiny-shelled marine gastropods of the genus Murex and related genera: formerly used as a source of the dye Tyrian purple

kind of shellfish which yields a purple dye, 1580s, from Latin murex (plural murices) “purple fish, purple dye,” probably cognate with Greek myax “sea mussel,” of unknown origin, perhaps related to mys “mouse” (see muscle (n.) and mussel).


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