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Muriel spark

[spahrk] /spɑrk/

Muriel (Sarah) (Camberg) 1918–2006, British novelist and writer, born in Scotland.
a fiery particle thrown out or left by burning material or caused by the friction of two hard surfaces

anything that serves to animate, kindle, or excite
a trace or hint: she doesn’t show a spark of interest
vivacity, enthusiasm, or humour
a small piece of diamond, as used in the cutting of glass
(intransitive) to give off sparks
(intransitive) (of the sparking plug or ignition system of an internal-combustion engine) to produce a spark
(transitive) often foll by off. to kindle, excite, or animate
noun (rare)
a fashionable or gallant young man
(Brit) generally (ironic) bright spark, a person who appears clever or witty: some bright spark left the papers next to the open window
(rare) to woo (a person)
Dame Muriel (Sarah). 1918–2006, British novelist and writer; her novels include Memento Mori (1959), The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1961), The Takeover (1976), A Far Cry from Kensington (1988), Symposium (1990), and The Finishing School (2004)

Old English spearca, from Proto-Germanic *spark- (cf. Middle Low German sparke, Middle Dutch spranke, not found in other Germanic languages). Electrical sense dates from 1748. Slang sense of “a gallant, a beau, a lover” (c.1600) is perhaps a figurative use, but also perhaps from cognate Old Norse sparkr “lively.” Spark plug first recorded 1903 (sparking plug is from 1902); figurative sense of “one who initiates or is a driving force in some activity” is from 1941.

c.1300, from spark (n.). Slang meaning “stimulate, to trigger” first attested 1912. Related: Sparked; sparking.

verb phrase

To masturbate; jack off, milk the lizard (1990s+)
see: make the sparks fly


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