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Bartolomé Esteban
[bahr-taw-law-me es-te-vahn] /ˌbɑr tɔ lɔˈmɛ ɛsˈtɛ vɑn/ (Show IPA), 1617–82, Spanish painter.
Contemporary Examples

Fernández and Murillo share a glass, I drink one all to myself.
The Absinthe-Minded Porteños of Buenos Aires Jeff Campagna March 9, 2014

“The contents of the factory are secondary,” Murillo told Details magazine.
Oscar Murillo Opens the Tastiest Art Exhibit at David Zwirner Justin Jones April 23, 2014

The only big ones we really have to deal with now, it seems, are Ortega and Murillo.
In Nicaragua Earthquakes and Politics Play Hell With Holy Week Monica Seoane April 17, 2014

It’s tedious work, but Fernández and Murillo seem to truly love it.
The Absinthe-Minded Porteños of Buenos Aires Jeff Campagna March 9, 2014

Next, Murillo opens a bottle of their Special Edition, which they distill every six months on the solstice.
The Absinthe-Minded Porteños of Buenos Aires Jeff Campagna March 9, 2014

Historical Examples

The picture is a copy in sepia tones of Murillo’s Saint Anthony, 16 inches in height by 20 inches horizontally.
The Library of Work and Play: Home Decoration Charles Franklin Warner

From this Claude went on to remark with asperity that Murillo painted like an ignoramus.
The Fat and the Thin Emile Zola

Murillo painted many religious pictures for the churches of Seville.
The Children’s Book of Celebrated Pictures Lorinda Munson Bryant

Are the Madonnas of Murillo anything but a transcript of the women of Andalusia?
Rembrandt and His Works John Burnet

At the end of a long salon, covered with pictures, is the room wherein Murillo is said to have died on April 3, 1682.
The Story of Seville Walter M. Gallichan

Bartolomé Esteban (bartoloˈme esˈteβan). 1618–82, Spanish painter, esp of religious subjects and beggar children


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