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Muscle of larynx

muscle of larynx n.
Any of the intrinsic muscles that regulate the length, position, and tension of the vocal cords and adjust the size of the openings between the aryepiglottic folds, the ventricular folds, and the vocal folds.


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  • Muscle of heart

    muscle of heart n. See cardiac muscle.

  • Muscle of tragus

    muscle of tragus n. A band of vertical muscular fibers on the outer surface of the tragus of the ear.

  • Muscle of uvula

    muscle of uvula n. A muscle with origin from the posterior nasal spine, whose insertion forms the bulk of the uvula and whose action raises the uvula.

  • Muscle out

    verb phrase To force out: If she persists, she’ll be muscled out of the movement (1950s+)

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