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Muscle pull


an injury in which a muscle is strained or pulled too far

What can provide pain relief for a muscle pull?


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  • Muscle-sense

    noun, Psychology, Physiology. 1. a sense of movement derived from afferent nerves originating in tendons, muscle tissue, skin, and joints; proprioception. noun 1. another name for kinaesthesia

  • Muscle serum

    muscle serum n. The fluid remaining after coagulation of muscle plasma and separation of myosin.

  • Muscle-shirt

    noun 1. Slang. a T-shirt having short sleeves or no sleeves. noun a sleeveless T-shirt, often close-fitting, that shows off muscle development in the arms; also called muscle T-shirt Examples We see a lot of muscle shirts at summer concerts.

  • Muscle-shoals

    noun 1. former rapids of the Tennessee River in SW Alabama, changed into a lake by Wilson Dam: part of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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