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Muscle spasm

muscle spasm n.
Persistent increased tension and shortness in a muscle or group of muscles that cannot be released voluntarily.


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  • Muscle-spindle

    noun 1. Cell Biology. a proprioceptor in skeletal muscle, composed of striated muscle fibers and sensory nerve endings in a connective tissue sheath, that conveys information via the spinal nerves on the state of muscle stretch, important in the reflex mechanism that maintains body posture. muscle spindle n. A stretch receptor found in vertebrate muscle.

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    [muhs-kohn] /ˈmʌs koʊn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. an oily, very slightly water-soluble, large cyclic ketone containing a 15-membered ring, C 1 6 H 3 0 O, obtained from musk: used in the perfume industry.

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