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Muscular anesthesia

muscular anesthesia n.
Loss of muscle sense, specifically, loss of the ability to determine the position of a limb or to distinguish differences in weight.


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  • Muscular asthenopia

    muscular asthenopia n. Asthenopia due to imbalance of the extrinsic ocular muscles.

  • Muscular-dystrophy

    noun, Pathology. 1. a hereditary disease characterized by gradual wasting of the muscles with replacement by scar tissue and fat, sometimes also affecting the heart. noun 1. a genetic disease characterized by progressive deterioration and wasting of muscle fibres, causing difficulty in walking muscular dystrophy n. Abbr. MD muscular dystrophy (mŭs’kyə-lər dĭs’trə-fē) Any of a […]

  • Muscularis

    muscularis mus·cu·lar·is (mŭs’kyə-lâr’ĭs) n. The muscular coat of a hollow organ or tubular structure.

  • Muscularity

    [muhs-kyuh-ler] /ˈmʌs kyə lər/ adjective 1. of or relating to or the : muscular strain. 2. dependent on or affected by the : muscular strength. 3. having well-developed ; brawny. 4. vigorously and forcefully expressed, executed, performed, etc., as if by the use of a great deal of muscular power: a muscular response to terrorism. […]

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