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Museum beetle

See dermestid


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  • Museumgoer

    [myoo-zee-uh m-goh-er] /myuˈzi əmˌgoʊ ər/ noun 1. a frequent visitor to .

  • Museum-going

    adjective visiting museums, esp. regularly Examples The museum-going public flocks to special exhibits.

  • Museumize

    verb to display or store in a museum; also, to display as if in a museum exhibit Examples Historians and curators seek to museumize as many cultures as possible.

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    noun 1. something suitable for keeping and exhibiting in a museum. 2. something very old-fashioned or decrepit: That car he drives is a museum piece. noun 1. an object of sufficient age or interest to be kept in a museum 2. (informal) a person or thing regarded as antiquated or decrepit noun phrase Something old-fashioned: […]

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