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noun, Nautical.
a stockless anchor having a bowlike head, used chiefly for semipermanent moorings.


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  • Mushroom cap

    noun the umbrella-like head of a mushroom or other fungus; pileus; also called cap Examples We put sausage stuffing in the mushroom caps.

  • Mushrooming

    [muhsh-room, -roo m] /ˈmʌʃ rum, -rʊm/ noun 1. any of various fleshy fungi including the toadstools, puffballs, coral fungi, morels, etc. 2. any of several edible species, especially of the family Agaricaceae, as Agaricus campestris (meadow mushroom or field mushroom) cultivated for food in the U.S. 3. anything of similar shape or correspondingly rapid growth. […]

  • Mushroom-cloud

    noun 1. (def 4). noun 1. the large mushroom-shaped cloud of dust, debris, etc produced by a nuclear explosion

  • Mushroom-ventilator

    noun 1. a ventilator having at the top of a vertical shaft a broad rounded cap that can be screwed down to close it.

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