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noun, Chiefly British.
a box or case containing an apparatus for producing music mechanically, as by means of a comblike steel plate with tuned teeth sounded by small pegs or pins in the surface of a revolving cylinder or disk.
a mechanical instrument that plays tunes by means of pins on a revolving cylinder striking the tuned teeth of a comblike metal plate, contained in a box


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    noun 1. Also called going to Jerusalem. a game in which players march to music around two rows of chairs placed back to back, there being one chair less than the number of players, the object being to find a seat when the music stops abruptly. The player failing to do so is removed from […]

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    noun 1. (def 5). noun 1. a play or film, usually having a light romantic story, that consists of dialogue interspersed with singing and dancing 2. such plays and films collectively A play or film that highlights song and dance. Oklahoma!, My Fair Lady, A Chorus Line, and The Producers are well-known musical comedies.

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