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a sticky-hairy plant, Mimulus moschata, of the figwort family, native to northern and western North America, having pale-yellow flowers and a musky odor.


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  • Muskrat

    [muhsk-rat] /ˈmʌskˌræt/ noun, plural muskrats (especially collectively) muskrat. 1. a large, aquatic, North American rodent, Ondatra zibethica, having a musky odor. 2. its thick, light-brown fur, used for coats, for hats, as a trimming, etc. /ˈmʌskˌræt/ noun (pl) -rats, -rat 1. a North American beaver-like amphibious rodent, Ondatra zibethica, closely related to but larger than […]

  • Musk-rose

    noun 1. a rose, Rosa moschata, of the Mediterranean region, having white, musk-scented flowers. 2. (def 1). noun 1. a prickly shrubby Mediterranean rose, Rosa moschata, cultivated for its white musk-scented flowers

  • Musk-thistle

    noun 1. a composite plant, Carduus nutans, having heads of nodding, rose-purple flowers, introduced into the U.S. from Eurasia.

  • Musk-turtle

    noun 1. any of several aquatic turtles of the genus Sternotherus, of North America, which, when disturbed, emit a musky secretion. noun 1. any of several small turtles of the genus Sternotherus, esp S. odoratus (common musk turtle or stinkpot), that emit a strong unpleasant odour: family Kinosternidae

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