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noun, Scot.
barley broth or barley and vegetable soup.


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  • Musm

    1. Master of Music. abbreviation 1. Master of Music Latin Musicae Magister (Master of Music)

  • Mus.M.

    1. Master of Music.

  • Musnud

    [muhs-nuh d] /ˈmʌs nəd/ noun, (in India) 1. a seat or throne of cushions used by native princes.

  • Muso

    /ˈmjuːzəʊ/ noun (slang) (pl) musos 1. (Brit, derogatory) a musician, esp a pop musician, regarded as being overconcerned with technique rather than musical content or expression 2. (Austral) any musician, esp a professional one noun A musician: a superb band, no musos to be fooled with (1967+ Australian)

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