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[myoo-zak] /ˈmyu zæk/

recorded background music transmitted by radio, telephone, or satellite to built-in sets in offices, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.
trademark recorded light music played in shops, restaurants, factories, etc, to entertain, increase sales or production, etc

1935, proprietary name for piped music, supposedly a blend of music and Kodak, said to have been coined c.1922 by Gen. George Squier, who developed the system of background music for workplaces.


Sweet and bland background music; uninteresting taped music; elevator music: the theatre of media-buzz where ideas normally melt down into verbal muzak/ a nice guy with all the charisma of Muzak in a minor key

[1954+; fr the trademark of a company that provides prerecorded music to be heard in offices, elevators, etc]


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