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Master of Veterinary Science


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  • Mvv

    maximum voluntary ventilation

  • MW

    1. Electricity. megawatt; megawatts. Electricity. 1. milliwatt; milliwatts. abbreviation 1. Malawi symbol 1. megawatt abbreviation 2. (radio) medium wave 3. Master of Wine 4. Malawi (international car registration) MW abbr. molecular weight networking The country code for Malawi. (1999-01-27) milliwatt 1. Malawi (international vehicle ID) 2. molecular weight

  • M.W.A.

    1. Modern Woodmen of America.

  • Mwah

    /mwɑː/ interjection 1. a representation of the sound of a kiss interjection comic sound word for ‘kiss’ sound indicative of a kiss or an air-kiss, 1994, imitative.

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