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[mahy-ahn-mah] /maɪˈɑn mɑ/

Union of, official name of .
/ˈmaɪænmɑː; ˈmjænmɑː/
a republic in SE Asia, on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea: unified from small states in 1752; annexed by Britain (1823–85) and made a province of India in 1886; became independent in 1948. It is generally mountainous, with the basins of the Chindwin and Irrawaddy Rivers in the central part and the Irrawaddy delta in the south. Official language: Burmese. Religion: Buddhist majority. Currency: kyat. Capital: Yangon. Pop: 55 167 330 (2013 est). Area: 676 577 sq km (261 228 sq miles) Official full name the Union of Myanmar Former official name (until 1989, though still widely used) Burma

an old name for a part of Burma and a word for the country in native speech, officially chosen by military rulers of Burma in 1989. Reasons given include casting off a relic of colonialism, or downplaying of the connection to the Burman ethnic majority.

It should be pointed out that this renaming has virtually no impact on Burmese citizens speaking in Burmese, who continue to refer to both Myanma as well as Bama (this not unlike formal reference in the English language to ‘The Netherlands’ while informally using ‘Holland’). [Gustaaf Houtman, “Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics,” 1999]

Myanmar [(myahn-mahr, meye-ahn-mahr)]

The official name for Burma since 1989.


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