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[mahy-koh-par-uh-sahyt] /ˌmaɪ koʊˈpær əˌsaɪt/

a parasitic fungus whose host is another fungus.


Read Also:

  • Mycophage

    mycophage my·co·phage (mī’kə-fāj’) n. A virus that infects fungi.

  • Mycophagist

    [mahy-kof-uh-jist] /maɪˈkɒf ə dʒɪst/ noun 1. a fungus-eating organism. 2. an epicure whose interest is mushrooms.

  • Mycophagous

    [mahy-kof-uh-guh s] /maɪˈkɒf ə gəs/ adjective 1. feeding on fungi.

  • Mycoplasma

    [mahy-koh-plaz-muh] /ˌmaɪ koʊˈplæz mə/ noun 1. any of numerous parasitic microorganisms of the class Mollicutes, comprising the smallest self-reproducing prokaryotes, lacking a true cell wall and able to survive without oxygen: a common cause of pneumonia and urinary tract infections. /ˌmaɪkəʊˈplæzmə/ noun 1. any prokaryotic microorganism of the genus Mycoplasma, some species of which cause […]

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